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Welcome everyone,

For quite some time Herak and I wanted to improve our skills, share with everyone the things that we found interesting in our profession, articles that we came across and articles that we wanted to write.

So we thought: Why not start a blog!? A blog where we can discuss subjects like new tech trends, software development, innovative IT projects /businesses.

And here we are. We hope you'll enjoy reading our posts and provide us feedback. In that way we can improve our blog and share more interesting and informative articles in the future.

Kind regards,

Carlos and Herak

Carlos G. has extensive experience as a seasoned technical architect and lead. He is currently assuming the role of VP of Technology and Product owner at a Digital Experience design agency. Prior to his current role he has work in professional services (at KPMG), Digital Agencies, consultant for the government and private sector for projects related to IT Infrastructure and Software developments for Canada, United States and Dominican Republic companies. He has worked in the sectors of finance, digital marketing, pharmaceutical, health (hospital systems), security. Carlos holds a BS on Software Engineer, a Post-graduate in IT management and an Associate Degree for MBA. Here is a list of part of his technical knowledge: .Net C#, Java, Python, MSQL, MySql, Postgres, AngularJS, JavaScript, Windows Server, CMS systems (Adobe Marketing Cloud (including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign), Sitecore, AgilityCMS, Interwoven TeamSite, N2, Wordpress, Strapi), e-Commerce (BroadLeaf), AWS. He loves writing and 2 of his passions are creativity and Aikido. Futbol and Tennis are two of his favorite sports.
Herak is an engineering graduate from University of Toronto. He started off working for Blast Radius, the interactive marketing branch of Wunderman. Later he moved to Proximity Canada where he was an integral part of the technology team. He worked on a number of big accounts such as Gillette, M&M, PepsiCo and Monster Worldwide. Currently he is working as a Business Analyst at a leading marketing company in Toronto. He is experienced in C# and SQL. He is an active member of the New Horizon’s Toastmaster club and is very passionate about public speaking. He is also an enthusiastic rock climber and snowboarder.

Trending posts

Essence of email deliverability - SPF, DKIM, DMARC and segmentation

Recently I attended a lively discussion on email deliverability hosted by Litmus, one of the leading providers of email marketing tools. As email marketers one of the core metrics we often rely on is email deliverability and the discussion was around how to improve the email deliverability in today’s world where our audiences are ever inundated with emails. In addition we often find ourselves operating in a very competitive landscape vying for these audiences' precious attention. Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels   Hence it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure our emails are reaching our audiences’ inbox and driving engagement. This is why email clicks and engagement are strong indicators of the performance of our email campaigns instead of just the delivery rate of our campaigns partly thanks to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection . So let’s start with the distinction between email delivery and email deliverability . This is very well articulated by Dimiter Batmaziam in the Li

Blue Ocean Strategy in the new reality

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola from Pexels Since the COVID lockdown started over a year ago I have seen many restaurants in my neighborhood go through transformations - many became available in the top three delivery service: Ubereats, Doordash and Skipthedishes while the rest transformed to support pick up service and patio dining. However, among all of them, one of my favorite Indian restaurants impressed me the most.  The restaurant initially became available via the delivery services just after the lockdown in early 2020. I first ordered from the restaurant via Ubereats. In the delivery the restaurant included a pamphlet encouraging me to order from them directly on their website with an initial enticing offer. I ordered immediately after a few days from their website. I was guided to create an account and subscribe to their newsletter in the process.  The delivery for the order was on time and the food as always was delicious and of high quality. In a few days I received a

Goal setting frameworks for Product Management - OKR and HOSKR

As a business analyst and product manager we often use various frameworks to synthesize and organize our product ideas and goals. I think of frameworks as tools in our product management tool kit which we use depending on the task at hand.  And speaking of goals, OKR is a very popular framework that I often use to set the goals for the products I am managing. However recently I participated the #ProductCon conference hosted by Product School  and I stumbled upon one of the talks in which Rapha Cohen, the CPO at Google Waze introduced a more effective framework for setting product goals. The framework is called HOSKR.  In this post I'll describe both the OKR and HOSKR frameworks in more details using examples. I hope this will provide you, our readers, more practical insights on how to effectively use these frameworks to set your product goals.  OKR OKR stands for O bjectives and K ey R esults. If you are reading this post then you are on our Beolle blog and I am going to use one o

Research around JIRA vs TFS

By: Carlos G.    An opportunity came from a colleague to discuss the case of company “X” for improving the ALM by introducing tools to this company. The challenge was to decide between Microsoft and Attlasian . He came to me because I’m a Microsoft kind of guy and he wanted the opinion from my perspective, not as a consultant, but as a friend of what he was trying to accomplish. He said that even though I was inclined to a technology I was able to explore other things and be “fair”. I agreed to be a part of his research because of 3 things: because of my curiosity I'm always willing to learn new techy stuff. Sometimes is good to be the dumbest one of the group. You learn so much! This was a story that I could blog about. (Of course no names are used in this post). My first impression was thinking “cool”; let’s compare Visual Studio TFS vs JIRA. Immediately I got a comment back with: “ Sure but JIRA by itself is more like an issue tracker in simple terms ”. That sa

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