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Simple AngularJS app TicTacToe Game

A note from the author : “After checking AngularJS I said to my colleague let’s blog about it… so here we are”. This article is based on a simple example that it was quickly done with this MVC library. We started reading the book AngularJS from O’Reilly, by Brad Green & Shyam Seshadri and we wanted to use it right away. We are used to the MVC pattern because of, when we saw AngularJS we immediately wanted to try it; also we had some influence from our front-end developers (Just to let you know part of our background is back-end development). Basically we wanted to focus to the initial part of our study around this book providing examples around simple items. In this case we selected an example that can illustrate data binding, the watch function and CSS classes. We did not wanted to do the “Hello world” example from the book; as always we tried to do something fun, so we thought, let’s do a simple TIC-TAC-TOE game experience , THAT YOU PLAY ON THE SAME DEVICE (the

Microsoft vs Competition - Possible Alternative

The latest development from Microsoft includes surface, Windows 8, Mobile endeavors and strategies, the cloud (Azure), the acquisition of Nokia . Are they considering business services (enterprise offerings), as in providing wireless information services for the workplace? If not then… should they ? Microsoft continues on fighting for a “piece of the pie” for the consumer mobile market (tablets and phones), which currently is led by Apple iOS and Google Android devices, operating systems and app stores. It appears that new phone buyers are willing to give windows a try (at least outside of US and Canada, where the Nokia brand is not strong enough). But still I wonder if instead of going head to head with the 2 giants of the consumer mobile devices niche, Microsoft should consider an alternative strategy. Apple did this by making everyone fall in love again with the brand with their iPOD. That led to the iPhone and the rest is history. The case that we want to foc

Quality Assurance for mobile applications

By: Herak Quality Assurance is an important aspect of Software Development Cycle and it has become even more important with the advent of mobile applications. This is because mobile applications are typically more complex and needs to be supported across a plethora of platforms. Often the same application needs to be coded in different programming languages to support different platforms for example Objective C for iOS and Java for Android. This results in multiple code base and requires multiple streams of testing. QA also need to pay special attention to ensure that the user experience of the app remains somewhat similar across the multiple environments. Thus traditional QA practices need to evolve to adapt to the needs of the mobile app testing. In this article I am going to discuss the first two phases of QA, Preparatory Phase and Testing Phase. I will discuss how QA needs to adapt to the testing need of mobile applications and include links to resources which will help

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