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Business Analyst role during this new normal

In recent months Covid-19 pandemic has shaped a new reality for all of us. In this new reality working from home, using virtual meetings and workshops have become the new normal. However, this has also given us the opportunity to adapt and improve the way we work. Consequently the practice of Business Analysis is also affected by this change. But I believe Business Analysts are best equipped for this new work environment. This is because as Business Analysts we often work with stakeholders who are physically in different locations than ours similar to this new reality. In this article I will share with you three (3) lessons I learned from my mentors and from my own experience that helped me to become an effective Business Analyst in circumstances which are comparable to the new reality. Some of these lessons were handed down to me by my managers whom I thoroughly admire and were pivotal to my success in the roles. Photo by Serpstat from Pexels Lesson #1: Pick up the phone. In

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