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Covid-19 as an accelerator for Digital Transformation

 The pandemic has changed how companies operate and deliver their services to their consumers. It is undeniable that companies that had experimentation as part of their “corporate DNA” reported better growth during the pandemic.  Photo by Chris Peeters from Pexels   Let’s face it, the change created by the pandemic is here to stay. Therefore, this need of “relentless improvement” will continue to apply to this present. The combination of the safety measures and the vaccination rollouts has given us the opportunity to regain some normality, or what many are calling the “new normal”. This defines how we are operating now, and will form the base of how we will operate in the coming future. The ones that were quicker to adapt during this era of crisis had a competitive advantage over others that were more conservative in nature. It is not surprising that a Google survey ( Note : we will reference this survey throughout this article) highlights that “ organizations at different levels o

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