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Introduction to Agile and Scrum

Agile has become a very popular development methodology in the software industry over the last decade. One of the key drivers behind the popularity of agile is it’s ability to enable teams to react quickly to changes in technology and customer needs. Unlike waterfall, one of the key principles of agile is to be open to changes in customer needs and subsequent changes in requirements as outlined by the Principles behind the Agile Manifesto . In this article I’ll discuss one of the popular agile frameworks called Scrum . Scrum is a framework based on the agile principles that enables teams to address complex adaptive problems while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value 1 . At the core of the scrum framework is the organization of the Scrum team. A scrum team must consists of a Product Owner , the Development Team and a Scrum Master . The Scrum Team develops a potentially releasable product increment at the end of a Sprin

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