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AI and prompt engineering

On this occasion we would like to present our take and summary about prompt engineering. Like everyone else, at Beolle we have been researching the AI space lately, running experiments. On this occasion, our investigation has made us present our take and summary about prompt engineering. ( Skip Ahead note : If you like to get right to it then skip to the section What are prompts .) Generated image with Microsoft Designer and DALL-E 3 + Modified by Beolle team   (Parenthesis)  AI has disrupted all industries, and it will continue to do so as we explore new territories. We are still in discovery mode. Sectors and industries are building their know-how, evolving and using this technology;  determining the value it brings to the business. The investment by tech players and executives, in traditional and Gen AI (Generative AI) capabilities, continues rising. The consequence has been an accelerated growth in a short matter of time. Venture capital investment in AI has grown 13x over the las

Productivity framework for 2024

Recently I was at a Christmas party and I found myself giving advice to a friend on being more productive. I shared the approaches that I take which helped me become more productive at work and in my personal life. The conversation with my friend inspired me to share my approaches in this blog .  Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels   My productivity framework has five key pillars and to remember them I use the mnemonic, POFOR = P lan your tasks, O rganize yourself, F ocus on your tasks, O ptimize yourself with habits and R eflect to ensure you are being productive on the right tasks. Plan Planning is very crucial as it sets the tone for the rest of the pillars. I always found I was more productive when I planned my tasks compared to when I didn’t, and hence planning has become my rule of thumb. I recommend taking 30 minutes at the end of each day to plan your next day. This means prioritizing your tasks and blocking your calendar accordingly. By not doing so, you are at risk of others

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