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Do you know about GDPR and are you ready?

GDPR is the EU G eneral D ata P rotection R egulation approved by the EU parliament on April 2016 with the enforcement date  of 25 May 2018, replacing the existing Data Protection Directive.  But why should you care? And why should every country including those outside the EU care?  This regulation is being put in place to protect EU citizens, which means that all companies or organizations holding or managing data from EU citizens have to be compliant with this regulation.  The regulation touches a group of strategies and tactics used by everyone in the digital space, guaranteeing that end users are aware of how their data is being used and making sure explicit consent is provided. One of many key items is also the "right-to-be-forgotten". Here are some of the tactics that are under the microscope by the GDPR regulation: Analytics profiling marketing communications (e.g. emails) privacy, terms & conditions statements data retention policies even

How to plan a feature release as a Product Owner in an Agile team?

One of the questions that are often presented to a Product Owner is “When will a feature XYZ be ready for the customer?”. In this article I will walk through the process of planning and estimating a feature release in an Agile software development process.   Let’s assume the Agile team is working on a customer lifecycle management   product. The next increment for the product is to support a new communication channel like SMS. The business stakeholders identified this feature as a key differentiator from the competitors. According to the business stakeholders the release of this feature is time sensitive and consequently they would like to know when the feature will be available for the customers. This time-to-market information will be used to plan marketing campaigns to create awareness of the feature.  Therefore as a Product Owner it's very important to plan and estimate a new feature. The following three steps outlines how a product feature release can be planned a

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