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Overview Visual Studio Team Foundation

By: Carlos G. In my previous article ( Bug tracking-CI-Source Control withVisual Studio TFS and Atlassian ) we talked about TFS and Attlasian products. In this occasion  I present an overview of Microsoft Visual Studio as an alternative for your team to collaborate and develop the cool apps for your clients. From this Microsoft link I extracted the following: "Visual Studio Online, formerly Team Foundation Service, is the home for your project data in the cloud. Set up an environment that includes everything from hosted Git repos and project tracking tools, to continuous integration and an IDE, all packaged up in a monthly per-user plan. Connect to your project in the cloud using your favorite development tool, such as Visual Studio, Eclipse or Xcode. " With Visual Studio Team Foundation you would have source code control, project management, and team collaboration platform at the core of the Microsoft suite of Application Lifecycle Management tools. I recommend

Research around JIRA vs TFS

By: Carlos G.    An opportunity came from a colleague to discuss the case of company “X” for improving the ALM by introducing tools to this company. The challenge was to decide between Microsoft and Attlasian . He came to me because I’m a Microsoft kind of guy and he wanted the opinion from my perspective, not as a consultant, but as a friend of what he was trying to accomplish. He said that even though I was inclined to a technology I was able to explore other things and be “fair”. I agreed to be a part of his research because of 3 things: because of my curiosity I'm always willing to learn new techy stuff. Sometimes is good to be the dumbest one of the group. You learn so much! This was a story that I could blog about. (Of course no names are used in this post). My first impression was thinking “cool”; let’s compare Visual Studio TFS vs JIRA. Immediately I got a comment back with: “ Sure but JIRA by itself is more like an issue tracker in simple terms ”. That sa

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