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Do U have What It Takes for Entrepreneurship

Author: Carlos G.   Some people might think that entrepreneurship is not always linked to “awesomeness”. Those who support such premise might also believe that the majority of the businesses out there started out as a mere idea which having gone through the motions resulted in a marketable product. It was only during the starting of the business when they got the “aha moment” and they were able to position their business in a way that made them different from what was out there.  There are certain scenarios in which the statement mentioned above might hold resemblance to the truth. However, it is my belief that a spark must be present in order to create that “chemistry”; an understanding among this small group of people that came together for a purpose: Awesomeness!  I want to derail a little bit from the main idea and emphasis on the “small group” part. The group of the “founders” or “co-founders” has a magic number to it. It goes from individual to up to 3. Thr


Welcome Everyone, For quite some time Herak and I wanted to improve our writing skills, share with everyone the things that we found interesting in our professions, articles that we came across and articles that we wanted to write. So we thought: Why not start a blog !? A blog where we can discuss subjects like new tech trends, software development, innovative IT projects /businesses. And here we are. We hope you'll enjoy reading our posts and provide us feedback. In that way we can improve our blog and share more interesting and informative articles in the future. Kind regards, Carlos and Herak

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