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An Interest in Lean Startup Approach?

Image property Beolle Blog That moments when we have that “ idea ” and get yourself excited believing that it will be your big break. This gets us thinking about “ starting ” a project and possibly building a business. This is a great feeling and it is part of the creative process. However the “passion” should be combined with a methodology, a framework, a tool that can help us evaluate, guide and measure the progress in order to build and make your dream a reality. There are several school of thoughts that we can study and even combine together to plan for our entrepreneurial endeavors of building software products and/or services that we have envisioned. One approach that I found very interesting in the product development business is the concept of “ Lean Startup ”. Below are a few points that got me interested in this subject (if you are looking for an introduction or find more info I encourage you to follow the links in our reference section), all elements part of the “ L

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