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Why Mentoring Matters to Me

Many of us will manage other people at some point in our careers and mentoring is a huge aspect of managing fellow colleagues. Like any other skill set mentoring requires practice and if done correctly can yield benefits for both the mentor and the mentee.  Personally I have always loved interacting and working with people. However I was always skeptical about my abilities to manage others.  I felt it was a lot of responsibility to motivate and mentor others to succeed in their roles. It all changed about a year ago when my company started building an offshore capability. I was christened into a mentoring role to groom our offshore talent pool. By nature I am someone who likes to help others. I strongly believe that it’s our fundamental duty to help those we can to the best of our abilities. Thus my eagerness to help others provided the initial fodder to really take up the challenge.  There were times when I would go to the office very early in the morning so that I cou

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