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The value of water - waterday


 Today, 22 March we celebrate “World Water day”. This initiative provides awareness around those living without access to safe water. In this global water crisis, the focus here is to meet the sustainable development goal of water and sanitation for all by 2030.

In 2021 the theme is “valuing water”.

Photo by Farooq Khan from Pexels


Change always starts from within, from “the man/woman in the mirror”. If we start from the premise (a selfish one, from a species survival mode) the majority of the percentage of the human body is water, then we can transfer it to every living entity and have the absolute truth that without water there is no life.

There is no price for water, and everyone should be able to access it.

There are so much it can be done:

  • Reduce pollution and littering
  • Taking care of our rivers and other water sources by protecting trees and the environment around it
  • Support initiatives (by donation or promoting them on your channels) that receives goods to deliver to those that are in need of clean water
  • Consume less water when you are taking a bath, such as:
  • Less time in the shower
  • Close the faucet during brushing your teeth
  • Repairing and rehabilitating broken wells
  • Building filter stations for communities
  • Providing filters

It is important to be grateful for what we have and to have that awareness that it may not be the case for others. Ask yourself some of the following:

  • Have I ever taken water and carried it for miles?
  • Have I ever, as part of the day-today, boiled water so I can use it for cleaning or drinking it?
  • Do I know what a “cisterna” (cistern) is?
  • Do I know what a “tinaco” is?
  • Have I ever had to rationalize water?

Thanks for reading us today, and we thank you in advance if we keep educating others around the “value of water”, and by putting our part to make a difference.

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