Free tools to test responsive websites

A responsive web site is a site with a layout that adapts to a wide range of devices (such as desktop, tablets and mobile devices) to provide the best viewing experience to the user and it is quickly becoming the new standard in web design. 

Companies are rapidly adopting responsive websites to reach their customers on a wider range of viewing devices. In some cases this is becoming a necessity as more and more people are browsing the web on their mobile devices and tablets.  

Consequently this is impacting the way we test websites. For a traditional non responsive website the bulk of the testing revolves around verifying the copy, links and cross browser compatibility. However for a responsive website it becomes necessary to test the website on a slew of devices to make sure the layout is conforming to their screens. This can potentially incur more testing time and cost thus adversely impacting the project timeline and budget.  But this can be easily mitigated by leveraging smart tools that can enable us to carry out the cross device testing quickly and effectively. 

Here are three tools that I personally use to test responsive websites. The first tool by Matt Kersley is my favourite as it allows me to verify the rendering at one glance thus saving me valuable time unlike the other two where you have to toggle to see the various viewing sizes. Nonetheless it's always good to have alternative solutions up your sleeve and Quirk Tools and Photo Fluids perfectly fit this role.   

Tool #1: Matt Kersley’s tool

Tool #2: Quirk Tools

You can chose the mobile device you want to emulate from the drop down menu.

Tool #3: Photo Fluid

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